DeadPooh Samples have arrived and I am pleased
with what I see and have authorized the factory 
to get production rolling on both versions.
The Full Color Version will be a Limited Edition Run of 100pcs.
While the Gold Version will be a Limited run of 75pcs.
Velcro backed, measuring 5.50"x 2.75" in size.
In addition to their purchase,
4 Random and Lucky Customers
may just strike gold!
One last exciting twist....
I will announce the drop date and time for the color version, however the gold version will be split into 2 random and unannounced drops
of 36pcs each so you will need to be on your game to snag one.
Being a F5 keystroke warrior wont help you strike gold this time!
Good Luck People....

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  • Hopefully I’m in the know

    Josh Pettingill

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