Ohhh the frustration!

Sometimes as a patch designer life is gooooooood!   You get a design and you just nail the art and you sit back and your like, DAMN brother this is gonna kill it!
Then, you send the art to the factory to get a sample made and you learn that Picasso you sent them, well it ain't going to be looking like a Picasso in thread!
I am sitting on at least 15 designs right now that if I was able to take a Picasso and turn it into a Picasso Patch I would be killing it in the community. Or at least I think I would be lol.
If there are Patch Gods looking down on me right now they are not showing me to much love at the moment.......
Clearly I am frustrated as I am sitting here typing this and talking to myself thinking what?  Is this going to solve my problem and make it go away....LOL
I may be loosing my mind.......

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