Out Of The Fight PVC Edition

As many of you know my "Out Of The Fight" Series has been one of the top sellers of my originals,  second only to my "All The Gods" Series.
Well I wanted to take this series to another level,  from the simple laser cut words on a woven 3.50"x2" patch, or the combination of the dye sub dezign where I brought forward the faces of the men who lost their lives so we can remember them to a new and exciting level this time.
And for me PVC was the avenue that would allow me to do that!
So the next series release of "Out Of The Fight" patches will be PVC and feature the Gold Marine Logo and trident over an American Flag.....
The two represent what these men died for and more importantly what every marine who serves this country dedicate their lives to.
I hope that you all enjoy this dezign as much as I do, and that it still brings you the inspiration I still pull from it when I wear mine.
This is a release you really want to be "In The Know" on so you don't miss out!
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