NVGAF Drop Notice!

NVGAF Patches have arrived and will go on sale tomorrow @ 1pm est.
on the TECH9DeZIGNS website.
I am totally excited about this drop, and I am hoping all of you are as
excited as I am with this design.
This is a limited edition run of 50pcs.
Stitched on Velcro Backing to ensure a durable design thats 
going to hold up to some abuse if you decide to give it some.
And for those of you who are "In The Know" here is where
that is going to pay off for you....
In tomorrows drop there will be a very limited opportunity for a few 
luck people who are "In The Know" because,
I have a never released patch that your going to be able to get
totally free with your NVGAF purchase.
How your going to get this free mystery patch
is by adding a treasure chest to your order and entering in NVGAF into the discount code area at checkout (1) per person.
When you do that you will receive the Treasure Chest free...
It should be that simple...but by no means are you going to be 
guaranteed one because it's very limited.
In fact there will only be 5 free mystery patches released!
So your gonna need to be fast as poop!
Anyways to those of you who are in "In The Know"  may the
internet connection gods grace you with the speeds you'll need!
I hate asking for them...but i'm not to proud, lol

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