"We ARE The Stack"

"We ARE The Stack"
I always knew there was going to be a Bonus Patch in 
the Tactical Winnie The Pooh Series and I knew what I 
wanted that design to be right out of the gate!
So when we had the gang all released it was time to put
ink to paper and get this scratched out!
Pooh and the gang are ready to make an assault on 
what else?  A Bee Hive, for the Hunny of Course!!
This is going to be a larger patch...something different for TECH9DeZIGNS,
I haven't made the final decision on the actual size but its gonna be big!
And I know what your wondering....
Will there be something GOLD with Something New?  LOL
And another surprise that your not going to want to miss!!
If your in the know, I've laid out several hints along the way
both the bonus patch....and here's how its going down!
When the time comes Only Those With Complete Regular Series 
Sets will be worthy of the GOLD!!
My final Thank You to all the customers that hung in there and 
were able to snag all the drops!
Details will follow as we approach a release date, but thats giving
anyone who may be missing a patch or two plenty of time
to wheel and deal their way into a full set!!
So thats about all for now.....
Thanks Folks!!

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