I.S.K. Red Kraken Collab.
I.S.K. Red Kraken Collab.

I.S.K. Red Kraken Collab.

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2 patch per person limit!!

The "I.S.K. Red Kraken Colab Patch" is a collaboration between TECH9DeZIGNS and a fellow patch designer and friend of mine Zachary Hill.

Zachary, like myself is relatively new to the patch community and has hit it hard with his kick ass I.S.K. designs right out of the gate!

So when I came up with the Kraken idea and he said "lets do it" I knew it was gonna be another hit!!

This I.S.K. Kraken features our Puff Stitching Design that compliments key features on the patch to give it a unique feel and absolutely stunning look!!

As are all TECH9DeZIGN patches this patch is a velcro backed thick and sturdy patch that is designed to last!!

The I.S.K Red Kraken Patch will never again be reproduced so get your today before they disappear forever!!

This is a LIMITED PRODUCTION Run of 50pcs with a strict 2 per person limit!

Any orders over the limit will be canceled and refunded!