Release The Kraken V2

Release The Kraken V2

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The Factory sent me 10 extra patches they found laying around last week...

I have 2 cards that I found numbered and I am packaging the 10 that were sent to me as BONUS patches.....I don't see why these shouldn't goto a good home!

This is the much anticipated V2 collaboration patch between DANSSKINZ and TECH9DeZIGNS...are in and we are a go for a drop this Saturday April 7th @ 10:00am est!!

If you thought we nailed it on the first kraken...we slam dunked it with our V2 patch!

This is a limited production drop so your NOT going to want to miss out on these, trust me!!

Featuring our newly designed logos along with a wicked puff design that all I can say about it is.....WOW!!!